Who we are

Our genealogical research dates back as far as 1844 with the birth of Goio Carlo. Having moved from the province of Novara to the province of Vercelli, the heirs Goio Francis and then Goio Mario resume the family's farming activities.

It was in 1970 that Goio Piero took over the reins of the company, cultivating rice in an intensive manner, using, as was conventional at the time, pesticides and chemical fertilisers. In the early 1990s, the company began to rethink conventional cultivation and thus adhered to EEC Regulation 2078/92, a practice relating to agricultural production methods that are compatible with the requirements of environmental protection and with the care of the countryside.

famiglia Goio Mario in campagna
Stefania Goio e il papà

In 2012 Goio Piero decides to leave space to the new generation and in December of the same year his daughter takes over as owner. Goio Stefania.

In 2015 the turning point: we decide to abandon fertilizer and weed control to cultivate the land with a plus method healthy and respectful of Nature and inspired by the procedures already used traditionally.

This allows us, in addition to producing a healthy and natural ricealso a greater environmental and economic sustainability.