The project Friendly Rice + intends to build a sustainable rice production chain, capable of respecting the environment and enhancing the commitment and sensitivity of rice farmers, while respecting the business and territorial peculiarities of each producer. The implementation scheme, built on the basis of a BOTTOM-UP process, will lead in the three-year project period to the following results, based on the specific project phases.

For the Piedmont rice sector:

-Increased scientific and technical knowledge Of farmers regarding agronomic practices effective in reducing the environmental impact of crops

-creation of a production and management specification Of a rice farm with low environmental impact, high nature value and high commodity quality

-The identification, creation and calculation of a range of indicators, which are the tool for objective quantification of the environmental, natural and commodity performance of the companies involved

-the implementation of a web platform dual-purpose, containing a useful interface for farmers to calculate their own indicators and evaluate their own performance, and on the other hand a showcase to the public of their farm and any other related farm services

-l'introduction In business practice of innovative techniques, to meet the goals of reducing environmental impact, conserving and increasing biodiversity, and increasing grain quality

-l'activation of production process certification, as a result of adhering to the specification.

-lo schange of experience between operators that will enable support for the creation of a network for more environmentally sustainable and innovative agriculture, overcoming the doubts and aversions that still exist in the rice farming community

-the creation of a practical example for reducing environmental impact and for Improve the landscape, tourism, economic and social aspects Of rice farms